Verse 1:

Well I feel a warm wind blowin’

Meltin’ all the sadness off of my soul

And I smell the sweet cherry blossoms

Pourin’ all their gladness into my soul


In winter, I believe you

In springtime, I see you

It’s so good to be with you,

My hope has come!

Lord You make all things new!

Your love is my breakthrough

Now I sing hallelujah!

My hope has come!

Verse 2:

Now I walk through the valley of the shadow,

And I have been tested like silver and gold

Lord Your faith has taught me to cherish

That this light affliction is not my home


Now I’m not gonna give in to this mortal frustration

And I’m not gonna give death any standing ovation

I will lift my soul, God, with no hesitation

Cause between You and me there is no separation